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PCC Ralph Williamson, President

The Melvin Jones International Memorial Board of Directors want to thank the more than 240 Lions and friends that attended our Lions re-dedication day at your Memorial Park and luncheon.  We had over 35 Lions from New Mexico, over 40 Lions from the South Tucson Lions Club several Lions from Mexico and Canada and of course many Arizona Lions in attendance. The day and weather could not have been better even if we dialed into the Chamber of Commerce.

The highlight of the re-dedication at the memorial was when our LCI 1ST VP Joe Preston inducted a new Safford Leo Club and 5 Lions into our great organization.

We want to give special thanks to LCI 1st VP Joe and First Lady Joni for taking time out of their busy schedule to be with us on this great day in Lionism. 1st VP Joe received a Vanguard from the following clubs in 21-C: Bradshaw Mountain Dewy Humboldt, Prescott Valley Early Birds and the Mesa Host Lions Club. The Melvin Jones International Memorial Board donated $250 to the Memorial and will place his name on our Wall of Fame.

There are many different ways we can say “it was a beautiful day” but I received an e-mail from Lion Gary Gjerstad President of the Apache Junction Lions Club who is vision impaired on what he saw and felt on January 11, 2014 and I want to share it with you,

“If any one of us had asked that this day could have been any better, then I’m not sure how that could have been possible.  All sorts of thoughts are going through my mind about this day & what it meant.  Last week, I emailed my appreciation & thanks to John Hart, for the way the membership rally was conducted.  I felt that as the special friend that you are, I wanted to do the same with you.

The exchange of pleasantries that we always have whenever we see each other is always appreciated; as our friendship is priceless.  Even from the perspective of a blind man, you could not have asked for a nicer day; as far as the beautiful weather we had, the fact that some 200 Lions were on hand for this special ceremony, that a new Leo's Club was cratered in to our association;  & five others were installed & even though I couldn’t see it, the special presentation of the boy scouts was awesome.  Perhaps I saw it in my own way; that goes beyond the visuals.

The meal we had today was fantastic; & as was the case at the membership rally last Saturday, the presence of First Vice-president for Lions International, Joe Preston & his wife, truly added a special touch to the day.  I was glad that Joe’s wife got a ride with the Gilbert group.  They provided my transportation as well; so it was a nice chance to get to know her better.  This was the best, Melvin Jones Ceremony I have been to thus far.”

Lion Gary says it all.



The fraternal group of One Thousand Vanguards is strictly limited to the first one thousand Lions who contribute $1000 U.S. to the vision for the World Culture and Peace Center.

The Melvin Jones Memorial has been approved by Lions Club International for solicitation of funds. The Melvin Jones Memorial is a 501c3 Corporation therefore; all contributions given in the United States are fully tax deductible. We discourage clubs from contributing $1000 to recognize a club member for One Thousand Vanguards for three reasons; first, this project should not conflict with LCIF and ; second, we fully encourage clubs to support their local community needs; third, this should not be construed to be a Melvin Jones Fellowship. It is our belief that there are Lions who are capable of and able to make a personal contribution to the World Culture Center at Fort Thomas.

1) Lions who contribute $1000 U.S. will be recognized with a diamond shaped gold pin with four red jewels.
2) Also a Melvin Jones Memorial One Thousand Vanguards plaque individually engraved.
3) You will have your name permanently engraved at the Melvin Jones Memorial Wall of Fame.

We invite you to become one of the Thousand Vanguards in this very unique project.




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